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Great UK Scholarship 2023 Fully Funded

Great UK Scholarship 2023 for International Students; I hope you will be happy to see the scholarship available for you. You can get this opportunity for your bright future.

Brief description of the UK Grand Scholarship:

Kingdom Country: United Kingdom
Donor: UK government
Allowed Categories: Countries of the world
Study level: master’s degree
Funding: funded

Details of the Great UK Scholarship:

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  • Great UK Scholarship 2023 for International Students; It is a fully funded scholarship program from the UK government for international students. Two hundred scholarships for master’s degrees are awarded in fourteen British universities. The Grand Scholarship is funded by the British Council in the UK. The course start date is September 2023. Complete your documents and don’t miss out on this top scholarship in the UK.
  • The big issue in the UK is tuition fees which are not affordable for everyone, if your tuition fees are managed then you can easily manage other costs. The UK Grand Scholarship will provide $10,000 towards your tuition fees. The Master’s degree program time is 1 year.

Who can apply for the Great UK Scholarship:

The Great UK Scholarship is open to candidates from the following countries:

Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

host universities:

The Senior Scholarships are available at forty-nine universities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Advantages of the Great UK Scholarship:

  • This scholarship is £10,000 towards your tuition fees which easily covers all your costs.
    You need to be familiar with UK universities, UK education, and UK employment.
  • The United Kingdom welcomes foreign candidates with open arms.
    Each scholarship is fully funded by the UK Government’s Greater Britain Campaign and the British Council with participating UK higher education institutions.

To apply for the Great UK Scholarship:

Be a citizen of an eligible country listed there.
He must have a university degree and be passionate.
You have experience with UK English

Deadline UK Grand Scholarship:

The last date to apply for the Great UK Scholarship varies from country to country. You need to check the deadlines for your region on the official website.

How to apply:

Visit the official link there for more details and then follow the link to the university website.
This was all about the article in which we have explained all the information regarding the scholarship. I hope you will read and understand it. You can bring it up in the comments section. This is a great opportunity for you so don’t miss it. Now you just need to be passionate, take steps, and find the path of your choice.

Costs of living in London as a student:

The cost of living for students in London is around $1,500 per month. This should cover expenses such as student accommodation rent, food, transportation, personal expenses, and entertainment. However, this estimated amount does not take into account the tuition fees for the program of your choice at the university of your choice. Below, we’ll break down these costs for you, so you can better craft a budget plan!

tuition fees:

As an international student in London, tuition fees may vary according to your chosen major, as well as the type of your degree, whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The average cost of undergraduate degrees in London is around $10,000-$30,000 per year for full-time courses, with medical degrees being relatively more expensive. For graduate degrees, a full-time master’s program can average between $10,000 and $13,000 per year, while laboratory and research programs cost around $14,000, and medical degrees often start around $22,200 and can go up to $58,000 per year.

Travel and transportation:

London is a big city with many means of transport available for students to use around the city. Whether it’s transferring from their university to student accommodation in London or even going out with friends, there is always a way to get there! The subway and bus are commonly used by students. Other modes of transportation available could include the slightly more expensive option of taking a taxi, or the cheaper and more environmentally friendly option of cycling around town. According to research and statistics, students in London spend about $43.30 per month on public transport, or about $11 per week.


As a student in London, the amount of money you pay for rent varies depending on several factors, including whether your accommodation is on-campus or off-campus, whether it is private or student accommodation (purpose-built), and what the amenities are. and utilities included in the property or in your bills. If you book your student accommodation in London with Casita, you can expect to pay an average of $200 per week for a single room off campus in PSA, other room options may cost more. If you choose to stay in on-campus housing or a university hall, your rent will average between $210 and $240 per week, with some universities charging a bit more than that. Depending on where you choose to live in London, rents in the city can be as high as $500.

grocery shop:

Stocking up on groceries is important, especially so you can prep meals and stay on budget over school. There are many locations where you can get groceries at reasonable prices around London. The average monthly cost of groceries in London for a student is about $101, which puts the cost of weekly groceries around $23.


Eating out in London is relatively expensive, and greatly increases the cost of living for students in London. The average cost of eating in a typical restaurant or restaurant in London is a total of $10 to $15. Eating out 2-3 times a week will probably cost you an estimate of $30 to $45.

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