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The University of British Columbia UBC Scholarship

This opportunity is given to international students on the basis of need, excellence, and academic excellence to pursue an undergraduate program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), which is one of the 3 strongest universities in Canada, and the university offers two prestigious awards through the International Scholars Program of UBC.
Where the University of British Columbia works to attract the best outstanding students attending secondary schools or obtaining a high school diploma from all countries of the world.
These educational opportunities were provided to more than 45,000 students from all countries of the world, which is a reward for these students, in recognition of their academic efforts, and an encouragement for them to complete their studies in Canada.

About the University of British Columbia UBC

The University of British Columbia is the oldest university in the province of British Columbia in Canada, as it was established in 1908, and is located in the beautiful city of Vancouver. The number of students studying at the university is more than 58 thousand students, and the university is among the three best universities in Canada, providing The university offers over 60 undergraduate programs.

Conditions for obtaining the University of British Columbia scholarship

Obtain a bachelor’s degree from an official institution.
The student must be an international (non-Canadian citizen).
The application must be from a locally recognized institution.
Demonstration of academic achievement that proves an exceptional and distinguished academic level for the student that enables him to obtain the scholarship.
All international students applying for the scholarship must demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
Demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and intellectual commitment, as well as extracurricular activities and social involvement.
Have applied for admission to an academic program directly with the University of British Columbia.
You must justify your need for the scholarship (proof of physical disability)

The opportunity to study for free is granted to students who do not have the financial capabilities necessary to complete their studies after completing secondary school, and the value of the scholarship ranges from 14,000 to 34,000 US dollars, and the final value is determined according to the financial need and academic excellence of the student.

Scholarships Worth in Canada University of British Columbia

English Language 3500 USD.
Vocational education 3,500 USD.
Undergraduate $5,000.
The value of completing an undergraduate study is $3,500.
The value of obtaining a master’s degree is $5,000.

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